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Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook (The)
Suzette Glasner-Edwards PhD, Richard A Rawson PhD

Is your addiction taking control of your life? This book provides an integrative, seven-step program to help you finally overcome drug and alcohol addiction, once and for all.

Product Code:  75-9781626252783 Price:  $24.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Communication Skills for Teens
Michelle Skeen PsyD, Matthew McKay PhD, Patrick Fanning , Kelly Skeen

Communication Skills for Teens provides the guidance you need to become a better communicator and succeed in all areas of life.

Product Code:  75-9781626252639 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Gender Quest Workbook
Rylan Jay Testa PhD, Deborah Coolhart PhD, LMFT, Jayme Peta MA, MS, Ryan K Sallans MA, Arlene Istar Lev LCSW-R, CASAC

This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive workbook will help you navigate your gender identity and expression at home, in school, and with peers.

Product Code:  75-9781626252974 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Praying Angel Affirmation Medallions

Praying Angel Reverse: “An angel to be with you when I cannot”

Product Code:  11-11 Price:  $5.00 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Talking, Feeling, & Doing Game
Dr. Richard A. Gardner

This game was developed to enable therapists to learn more about their child patient's psychological processes. Children in treatment do not generally come forth with revelations about themselves, especially those that may cause psychological pain, anxiety, shame, or guilt. This game enables children to provide such information in a way that is nonthreatening.

Product Code:  101-1 Price:  $54.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Teen Girl's Survival Guide
Lucie Hemmen PhD

As you move through this fun and engaging guide, you will get a sense of who you are as a friend, appreciate authentic qualities you can share with others, and get moving toward expanding the quality and quantity of your social connections. Before you know it, small steps will lead to big changes and you will find yourself more confident, connected, and happy.

Product Code:  75-9781626253063 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Teens - Positive Thoughts + Affirmations = Positive Actions Workbook
Ester R.A. Leutenberg and Carol Butler, MS Ed, RN, C

This workbook is for facilitators to help teens become aware of how positive thoughts and affirmations lead to positive actions. Facilitators can use the fully reproducible activities in this workbook to provide teens with three types of “take-away skills” – Conditions and Behavior, Frequency and Duration, and Accomplishment.

Product Code:  86-9781570253409 Price:  $49.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Yoga for Grief Relief
Antonio Sausys MA, CMT, RYT, Lyn Prashant PhD

Yoga for Grief Relief combines over 100 illustrations of gentle yogic poses and the power of psychophysiology and neuroscience to help you recapture a true sense of well-being.

Product Code:  75-9781608828180 Price:  $21.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart