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Adult Day Care Therapeutic Activity Manual

by Jennifer L. Norman, BA, CTRS and Edward R. Norton, MA, LSW, NHA

This unique activity manual applies a continuous quality improvement approach to daily activity programming in the adult day care and senior center setting.

Full Description:   


This unique activity manual applies a continuous quality improvement approach to daily activity programming in the adult day care and senior center setting. It provides both the activities and the methodology for measuring and recording the quality of care in today's cost-containment environment.

This manual is divided into two parts. Part I consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 intoduces the user to the development, philosophy, client description, models, standards of care and quality assessment in adult day care. Chapter 2 suggests the application of a system approach to the area of therapueitc recreation activities.

Chapter 3 begins to acquaint the user with the fundamental principles of continuous quality improvement CQI by outlining the basic steps involved in the CQI process using analogies to everyday life. The chapter concludes by demonstrating the importance and applicability of CQI in the adult day care setting.

Chapter 4 continues the suggestions of the previous chapters by applying CQI processes directly to a therapeutic activities program in an adult day care setting and demonstrates, in a user-friendly, step-by-step style, exactly how recording and documentation of client progress are done in relation to nine CQI key function therapeutic recreation categories. Using a series of case studies, this chapter applies CQI techniques to the process of adult day care client care planning.

Chapter 5 offers a step-by-step approach to adapting the methods for CQI suggested in Part I to an actual adult day care client.

Chapter 6 highlights the methods used for developing your own manual.

Part II of the manual contains 100 therapeutic activities categorized according to nine CQI key functions. For many users, hungry for activity ideas to use in their adult day care program, this will be the most important or at least most sought after part of this manual.

    Part I: Continuous Quality Improvement in the Adult Day Care setting
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Adult Day Care
  • Development of Adult Day Care
  • Philosophy of Ault Day Care
  • Adult Day Care Client Decription
  • Models of Adult Day Care
  • Services and Standards of Care
  • Day Care Quality Assessment
  • Chapter 2 - A Systems Approach to Therapeutic Activity and Group Work
  • Activity Programming in Adult Day Care
  • A System Approach to Activity Programming
  • Documentation Evaluation
  • Application to Other Service Sites
  • Chapter 3 - Continuous Quality Improvement in the Adult Day Care Setting
  • The Road to Quality Management
  • Quality Management as an Everyday Process
  • From Quality Management to Continuous Quality Improvement
  • The Joint Commission Outline of Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Adapting Continuous Quality Improvement to Adult Day Care
  • The Importance of Continuous Quality Improvement in Adult Day Care
  • Chapter 4 - Categorizing Therapeutic Activities
  • Putting Together a Manual
  • Key Functions
  • Therapuetic Value
  • Indicators
  • Data Collection
  • Evaluation
  • Application
  • Chapter 5 - Continuous Quality Improvement: A Practical Application
  • Continuous Quality Improvement and Client Care Planning
  • Target Population
  • Key Function and Therapeutic Value
  • Indicators and Data Collection
  • Evaluation
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Summary
  • Chapter 6 - Developing Your Own Manual
  • Puttin it Together
    Manual Model
  • Ongoing Updates, Review, and Additions
    Part II: Adult Day Care Therapeutic Activities
  • Reminiscence: Key Function A
  • Sensory Stimulation: Key Function B
  • Music: Key Function C
  • Exercises: Key Function D
  • Games: Key Function E
  • Activities of Daly Living: Key Functin F
  • Counseling: Key FunctionG
  • Intergenerational: Key Function H
  • Special Programming: Key Function I
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix A - Sample Documention Forms
  • Index

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