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Emotional Healing & Self-Esteem
Inner Life-Skills of relaxation, visualization and meditation for children and adolescents
by Mark Pearson

This book presents a range of accessible personal development exercises for children and adolescents that introduce the skills of relaxation, visualization and meditation.

Full Description:   

  • How can we support children in their personal development?
  • How can we help them find self-esteem, poise and inner peace?
  • How can we help them let go of stress and agitation?

This book presents a range of accessible personal development exercises for children and adolescents that introduce the skills of relaxation, visualization and meditation. The exercises are clear and practical, and help primary and secondary students understand their inner world.

There are step-by-step guidelines for planning, presenting and integrating inner life skills programs in groupwork. In the chapter 'Building Bridges Through Play', family and group communication games are introduced.

Emotional Healing & Self-Esteem focuses on inner-life skills components of Emotional Release for Children (ERC). Inner-life skills allow greater self-understanding, self-awareness, self-expression and self-help. This will lead to a more balanced emotional outlook, a sense of self-worth and an improved ability to focus on learning tasks and developing positive relationships.

Through these exercises students gain new-found creativity, a language to articulate their feelings, and skills for attaining a calm and balanced outlook.

8 1/2 X 11, soft bound

  1. A new view of the landscape
    Introducing inner life skills
    Code of respect
  2. Acknowledging the silent ground
    Using inner life exercises
    Basic principles
    The place if emotional release work
    Inner life skills in school programs
    Difficulties with quiet inner focus
  3. A practical guide for presenters
    Begin with your personal practice
    Planning inner life skills work
    Recommended age ranges for exercises
    Adapting exercises for different age group
    Practicalities for presenters
    The value of integration
    Group work
  4. Feeling the warmth of the sun
    Overview of method
  5. Practising freedom, grace and beauty
    Emotional and physical release as preparation
    Slow-motion movement
    Walking meditations
  6. Journey to the center of the Earth
    Quiet meditations
    Some basic stages
    Evoking the witness state
    Earthing exercises
  7. Cultivating creative seeds
    A language for the inner world
  8. Reclaiming a lost world
    Focus on self-esteem: developing hope and inner strength
  9. Attending to each moment of life
    Caring for your inner life
    The link between meditation and daily life
  10. Building bridges through play
    Improving family and group comminication
    General activities and exercises
    Personal development for parents
    Appendix 1: Gestalt role-play question sheet
    Appendix 2: Some cross-cultural source
    Appendix 3: Music
    Appendix 4: Four Element Sheets
    Resources: Follow-up, support and on-going spiritual direction
    Index of exercises
    General index
    Age range: 7 to 12 years
    Have drawing books and materials ready
    Have soft, relaxing music in the background (see page 154)
  1. Ask children to stand and:
    close their eyes (if they are comfortable with that)
    become still
    take a few big breaths and sighs.
    Invite them to imagine the scene following and act out the story
  2. Imagine you are a young fern, still unfolding, still growing, still uncurling. It is bright new morning. There are patches of sunshine, patches of shade.
  3. See the clearing around you. See the grass, the trees, the colours, the shapes. Hear the birds and the breeze gently blowing through the trees
  4. This breeze is beginning to make you sway and dance gently. This breeze keeps changing directions. You are bending. You are flexible. You are alive with gentle movements, your roots are in the earth but you are dancing free in the breeze.
  5. Take some full breaths and sigh out.
  6. In this warmth your frounds, your tender new branches are beginning to unfold. They are spreading out to receive the warmth.
  7. Some ants are suddenly running up your side. Feel them tickle?
  8. The breeze has stopped. Now be still. Picture the grass and trees, birds and warmth and breathe this into you. Feel your full size.
  9. See in your mind's eye what you are part of, what you the fern are connected to, what is around you.
  10. Feel the sap rising up from the ground, up through the center of you to the tiny leaves at your tips.
  11. Imagine what you would look like to a bush walker. (Pause) Now gently come back to being yourself.
  12. Direct children to draw themselves as the fern in the forest.
  13. Ask children to talk about their experience of the exercise.
    Gesralt role-play exercise could be used as a follow-up (see page 150)

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