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Mass Trauma and Violence
Helping Families and Children Cope
by Nancy Boyd Webb

This book describes a range of effective ways to help children and families cope with major traumatic experiences such as community violence, war, and terrorist attacks.

Full Description:   

This book describes a range of effective ways to help children and families cope with major traumatic experiences such as community violence, war, and terrorist attacks. Detailed case examples bring to life the complexities of assessment and intervention with children of different ages and cultural backgrounds, including both survivors of one-time traumatic events and those dealing with ongoing stressors like the military deployment of a parent. Expert contributors provide guidelines for setting up and running school- and clinic-based support groups; conducting brief and longer-term interventions with individuals and families; and promoting healing with art, music, and play. Grounded in the latest knowledge on stress and coping, bereavement, attachment, and risk and resilience, and including much-needed tips for therapist self-care, this is an essential clinical resource and text.

  • I. Theoretical Framework for Assessment and Treatment
  • 1. The Impact of Traumatic Stress and Loss on Children and Families, Webb
  • 2. A Developmental--Transactional Framework for Assessment of Children and Families Following a Mass Trauma, Webb
  • 3. Treating Traumatized Children and Adolescents: Treatment Issues, Modalities, Timing, and Methods, Nader
  • II. Helping Interventions
  • 4. Treatment of Childhood Traumatic Grief: Application of Cognitive-Behavioral and Client-Centered Therapies, Goodman
  • 5. Creation of a Group Mural to Promote Healing Following a Mass Trauma, Mapp and Koch
  • 6. How Schools Respond to Traumatic Events: Debriefing Interventions and Beyond, Williams
  • 7. Ongoing, Long-Term Grief Support Groups for Traumatized Families, Burrough and Mize
  • 8. Bereavement Groups Soon after Traumatic Deaths, Hartley
  • 9. Music Therapy to Help Traumatized Children and Caregivers, Loewy and Stewart
  • 10. Sandplay, Art, and Play Therapy to Promote Anxiety Reduction, Carey
  • 11. Community Outreach and Education to Deal with Cultural Resistance to Mental Health Services, Fang and Chen
  • III. Living with Traumatic Memories and Ongoing Fears
  • 12. Treatment of Psychological Trauma in Children of Military Families, Hardaway
  • 13. A Drawing Technique for Diagnosis and Therapy of Adolescents Suffering Traumatic Stress and Loss Related to Terrorism, Yedidia and Itzhaky
  • 14. Living in the Shadow of Community Violence in Northern Ireland: A Therapeutic Response, Reilly, McDermott, and Coulter
  • 15. Avoiding Vicarious Traumatization: Social Support, Spirituality, and Self-Care, Cunningham
  • 16. Ongoing Issues and Challenges for Mental Health Professionals Working with Survivors of Mass Trauma, Webb
  • Appendix
"Much still remains to be learned about how mass trauma affects children and families and how its harmful impact can be reduced. In the absence of decisive evidence, this book fills the gap by outlining what is currently known and making valuable recommendations for practice. Given previous terrorist acts, current threats, and the ongoing separation of children and families from parents who serve in the military, this book addresses a very timely issue and does so with clarity and wisdom."
-Arieh Y. Shalev, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Hadassah University Hospital, Israel

378 Pages, Size: 6" x 9"

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