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Achieving Psychotherapy Effectiveness

by  Molyn Leszcz, Clare Pain and Jon Hunter

Regardless of orientation, there are several core therapeutic elements that underscore any successful treatment. Discover what they are—and how to leverage them—in this new video, complete with lectures and clinical vignettes.

Full Description:   

Therapists spend countless hours training in specific clinical approaches—sometimes at the expense of recalling the very basics of the work. Without diminishing the importance of learning the techniques of CBT, Gestalt, and everything in between, successful therapy has been proven to boil down to a core set of relational tools. In this video, Drs. Molyn Leszcz, Clare Pain, and Jon Hunter take an in-depth look at psychotherapy effectiveness that applies across all therapy models. Through a series of didactic lessons and live vignettes, they synthesize therapy’s most crucial common factors and provide an approach to understanding and fostering the all-important therapeutic alliance.

Here, the three Toronto-based clinicians focus on the field’s staples: the theories, principles, and practices that improve the effectiveness of almost any type of psychotherapy. Focusing on establishing and maintaining a strong working alliance with clients, they cover the building blocks of therapeutic rapport and show how to leverage it through live sessions with Joel, a depressed man estranged from his wife and young daughter, and Katherine, a woman seeking to rediscover meaning decades after her teenage rape. The therapists embody key characteristics that promote a strong alliance, including empathy, interest, and genuineness, and you’ll watch as they continually circle back to the relationship during periods of ambivalence or strain.

Supplemented by accessible didactic segments, this video also outlines critical techniques for maintaining the alliance, such as exploring expectations and goals in the here-and-how, validating the client’s concerns, and developing a shared understanding of their situation. You’ll learn about the role of attachment, transference and countertransference, and trauma in psychotherapy, and see how these theories play out in real time.

This video is a must-have for anyone seeking a core psychotherapy primer or a refresher on effective strategies that work across all methods. For the essential nuts and bolts of therapy, add this title to your library today.

Length of video: 01:33:13

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