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Blended Family with a Troubled Boy DVD

by Virginia Satir

Watch one of family therapy’s most esteemed pioneers in action! In this engaging video, Virginia Satir helps a blended family of four untangle longstanding parenting and communication issues.

Full Description:   

Family therapy is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re working with a “blended” family, its challenges can be even more mystifying. The unique and complex dynamics of step-parenting, and its impact on family communication, can be difficult to track as we attempt to balance individual change with a systems focus. In this video, renowned therapist Virginia Satir leads a masterful session with a blended family of four. Starting with the relationship between stepdad Jerry and son Tim, Satir demonstrates how family engagement can be shifted through therapeutic warmth and innovative interventions.

Elaine and Jerry have been married five years, and over that period 16-year-old Tim has become sullen and withdrawn, and fallen into chronic truancy. Along with 12-year-old Tammy, the family meets with Satir to work through what they believe are Tim’s problems. You’ll witness Satir’s skill at assessment and at building authentic rapport while getting the details of the family dynamics. Using a creative combination of gentle, hands-on interventions and directive, facilitated discussion, Satir establishes a grounded environment that supports honest cross-communicaton, while also addressing the resistance that can arise during the therapeutic process.

Through Satir’s deft exploration of Jerry and Elaine’s relationship, the family gains a new awareness of the parenting issues influencing Tim’s withdrawal. As she gradually uncovers mom’s need for relief as a key to restoring everyone’s connection, you’ll witness firsthand why Satir is considered one of the pioneers of family therapy.

This video is a must for therapists looking to learn more about blended family systems, assessment, creative interventions, and Satir’s characteristic warm and engaging style. With commentary from one of Satir’s early students plus an introduction from Satir herself, this is a video you’ll want to add to your library.

Length of video: 1:10:32

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