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DBT with Suicidal Clients: 2-Video Series DVD

by Marsha Linehan

When a suicidal client is sitting across from you, how do you assess risk, negotiate no-harm agreements, and manage borderline reactivity while keeping your seat? In these riveting live demonstrations with DBT originator Marsha Linehan, learn essential strategies for working with distressed clients.

Full Description:   

Borderline, suicidal, and self-harming clients are some of the most challenging populations therapists face. Regardless of our level of clinical expertise, it’s crucial to master risk assessment, working with ambivalence, and managing reactivity—all while staying centered ourselves. We can all use support with these issues, and the venerable DBT creator Marsha Linehan delivers with this powerful two-video series. In this “grand rounds” offering, Linehan demonstrates key interventions of the approach, in the context of a live reenactment of a course of therapy with a suicidal client. You’ll watch the pair connect, tussle, and ultimately negotiate their way through a high-risk situation.

This series highlights Linehan’s direct, plain-spoken style, which demystifies DBT as well as disarms her client. In Volume 1, Linehan holds two early-stage sessions with Stacy, a suicidal client in treatment because her family feels she will die otherwise. In the lively sessions, Linehan remains empathic and even humorous while staying laser-focused on assessing Stacy’s suicidal risk, motives, and readiness for therapy. Volume 2 sees Linehan follow up with Stacy in a charged session focused on diffusing her cutting behavior and understanding her suicidal triggers. You’ll observe how Linehan gathers important information and addresses empathic ruptures, and you’ll see her do all of this in a warm, compassionate way that affirms Stacy’s autonomy and gently challenges her to envision more adaptive coping skills.

You’ll learn DBT skills such as validation and chain analysis, as well as “foot in the door” negotiation techniques and taking a devil’s advocate stance. Those seeking a live demonstration of DBT, proven resources for working with suicidality, self-harming, or borderline clients, or an overview of the approach from the orginator herself should make sure to add this set to their library.

Length of Series: 02:57:00

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