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Death, Dying & Grief in Psychotherapy: A Brief Psychodynamic Treatment

by Milton Viederman

Over the course of four actual sessions, Milton Viederman, MD, demonstrates a psychoanalytic approach to working with grief.

Full Description:   

Paying detailed attention to the subtle nuances of the therapeutic relationship, Milton Viederman, MD, adapts the principles of psychoanalysis to a course of brief therapy. Pat is the primary caregiver for her dying husband and is experiencing the grief and fear around his impending death. Forming an interpretation of Pat's core conflict and elaborating this theme throughout the sessions, Viederman helps Pat explore the early life experiences that give meaning to her current emotional responses. He builds rapport and trust with this open and engaging client, offering her a supportive environment in which true insight is produced.In a poignant follow-up session, Pat reveals that the therapy was instrumental in helping her be at peace with her husband's death.

Length of video: 1:21:00

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