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Death, Dying & Grief in Psychotherapy: Hospital Consultation with Medically Ill Patients DVD


Watch Milton Viderman, MD, work psychodynamically with skill and empathy with cancer patients in a hospital setting.

Full Description:   

In the second volume of Death, Dying and Grief in Psychotherapy, Viederman continues his exploration of the application of psychoanalytic principles to brief therapy. While many of us feel comfortable meeting clients on our own turf, we are often less certain how to navigate the therapeutic relationship in a hospital setting with visibly ill patients. Working quickly to assess the conscious and unconscious coping mechanisms that affect the patient's experience of illness and treatment, Viederman's main objective is to create a supportive relationship and relieve patient distress. Interspersed with illuminating commentary, Viederman skillfully demonstrates when to probe defensive structures and when to leave them alone so as not to increase the patient's anxiety.

Length of video: 01:44:00

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