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Down Every Year: A Demonstration of Depth Oriented Brief Therapy

by Bruce Ecker, MFT

An actual therapy session conducted by Depth Oriented Brief Therapy co-originator Bruce Ecker, MFT

Full Description:   

Dominating our field is the assumption that for psychotherapy to be effective in a few sessions, depth must be sacrificed. Clinicians striving for brevity usually steer clear of clients' compelling, unconscious, lifelong themes. Challenging this view, Depth-Oriented Brief Therapy (DOBT) demonstrates that focused, rapidly effective in-depth therapy with individuals, couples and families turns out to be a very real option.

Watch as a male client discovers how major past and current life themes generate his baffling annual depression. In a single session, Ecker masterfully leads him into a deep exploration and reassessment. By using a variety of simple but highly effective techniques to discover unconscious emotional truth, the basis of the client’s low self-esteem is revealed, prompting a new sense of mastery and possibilities.

    By watching this video, you will:
  • Understand the principles and structure of DOBT.
  • Increase awareness of how symptoms relate to unconscious beliefs.
  • Witness the real-life application of the DOBT theoretical model.

DVD 45 min

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