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Feminist Therapy (Psychotherapy with the Experts Series)

by Lenore Walker, EdD

Watch Lenore Walker expertly demonstrate her feminist therapy approach in an actual therapy session in this 3-part video.

Full Description:   

Lenore Walker believes that it is important to empathize not only with clients’ problems, but also with their strengths, and that many female clients have never had their strengths valued. Walker’s feminist approach incorporates a focus on how a client’s social context contributes to her problem and puts importance on maintaining an even power balance between the therapist and the client. In this video, Walker works with a woman who is in the final stages of divorce from a man that abused her. Walker demonstrates how to ask direct questions about the abuse without overwhelming her client. In addition, Walker focuses on her client's accomplishments and the importance of keeping safe even though her ex-husband is now out of the house. Jon Carlson and Diane Kjos introduce Walker and facilitate a discussion on the approach.

By watching this counseling video, you'll be able to:

  • Discuss the essential elements of a feminist therapy approach including focusing on the power balance between therapist and client, the race, gender and class context of the client, and the client’s strengths.
  • Describe Walker’s therapy style and how she gives her clients permission to talk about difficult subjects by asking them direct questions.
  • Integrate a feminist approach into your own therapeutic work with clients.

    With English Subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers.

    DVD 2 hrs

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