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Arnold Lazarus: Live Case Consultation

by Arnold Lazarus, PhD

"My basic approach to therapy is very much that of problem solving. I see that people come into therapy with a whole myriad of different problems, and yet do not know how to solve some simple ones. And quite often simple solutions can have a tremendous, reverberating, positive effect." – Arnold Lazarus

Full Description:   

See the master psychotherapist Dr. Arnold Lazarus apply his Multimodal Therapy model as he consults with two clinicians:

  • Jurgen, an experienced psychodynamic-oriented psychotherapist, presents the case of a recently divorced 38-year-old woman who constantly pulls him to put out fires.
  • Marlou, a new psychotherapist, presents the case of a mother who is struggling to connect with her teenage foster son.

    Multimodal Therapy (MMT) is a form of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy based on social and cognitive learning theory, and practical problem-solving methods. MMT integrates techniques from a broad range of therapeutic disciplines, and is based on the assumption that most psychological problems are multifaceted, multidetermined and multilayered.

    By watching this video, you will:

  • Understand how challenging and complex cases can benefit from simple solutions and problem-solving.
  • Learn how to apply Dr. Lazarus’ unique and effective ideas to your work with clients you are struggling with.
  • See how Dr. Lazarus’ consults using practical ideas and suggestions.


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