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Psychiatric Diagnosis and Interviewing

by Jason Buckles & Victor Yalom

In this first volume of our new series, The DSM 5 and Psychodiagnostic Interviewing, Jason Buckles and Victor Yalom take a nuanced and critical look at psychiatric diagnosis and the DSM-5, and then demonstrate in a step-by-step manner the components and skills necessary to do a diagnostic interview.

Full Description:   

Whether you love the DSM or hate it, as a clinician you need to understand how to use it and how to avoid misusing it. The best clinicians seamlessly combine diagnostic interviewing and excellent rapport-building during the initial session, and in this video you’ll learn how to do just that.

Volume 1 of this comprehensive series begins with Jason Buckles and Victor Yalom digging deep into some of the most fundamental questions in the field of mental health: What is a mental disorder? What is a diagnosis? What are the benefits as well as the drawbacks of conceptualizing human problems as disorders? Is it appropriate to use the medical model to treat mental illness? What are some of the dangers of diagnosing culturally normative behaviors as disorders? The many valuable uses of our diagnostic system—from having a common language among professionals, to securing insurance coverage, to scientific research—are seamlessly woven into their dynamic discussion as well.

In the second half of the video, you’ll get clear step-by-step instructions, illustrated with short clinical demonstrations, of the various components of doing a diagnostic interview: How do you introduce the interview to the client and get their consent? How can you ask the necessary questions to both hone in on a particular diagnosis and rule out others? How do you push a client for more specific information while also being mindful of attending to the alliance, especially in the first session? And finally, how do you bring it all together, weighing the information you’ve obtained to decide what their diagnosis is, or isn’t, while keeping in mind that not all clients seeking help meet the criteria for a diagnosis?

This is the only series of its kind to take a complex and critical approach to the DSM, and Buckles and Yalom manage a delicate balance—neither cheerleading for the DSM nor taking a slash-and-burn approach. You are certain to have a better understanding of the DSM-5 and psychodiagnostic interviewing after watching it.

Length of video: 1:58:33

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