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Resolving Ambivalence in Motivational Interviewing DVD

by Cathy Cole

Learn Motivational Interviewing's tools and techniques for helping clients fully explore their ambivalence as a critical part of the change process.

Full Description:   

Ambivalence is often at the heart of our struggles to embark upon change. Motivational Interviewing, a widely used methodology in diverse settings, employs specific tools and techniques to help clients fully explore their ambivalence as a critical part of the change process—since it is ultimately their decision whether to change or not.

In this third video in the series Motivational Interviewing Step by Step, expert MI practitioner and trainer Cathy Cole conducts three full-length demonstration sessions where the focus is on fully exploring both sides of ambivalence. Extensive commentary and pre- and post-session interviews help viewers understand the strategies and guiding principles of MI.

Jim has been offered a job promotion that would ease his family’s financial struggles but require extensive travel. In her role as an EAP counselor, Cole guides Jim’s exploration of his options and leads him into next steps, all the while maintaining her neutrality about his career decision.

Holly has mixed feelings about when to stop breastfeeding her son. As a health educator, Cole skillfully provides information in a collaborative manner that reinforces Holly’s autonomy and supports her in making a decision that’s right for her.

Kathy is reluctant to stop smoking but concerned about her health. Cole avoids the trap of trying to convince her to change, and strategically capitalizes on the subtle shift between “sustain talk” and “change talk” in order to help Kathy establish a change plan.

    By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Learn MI strategies useful with clients stuck in ambivalence.
  • Recognize the difference between sustain talk and change talk.
  • Identify specific techniques used to reinforce change talk and move toward a change plan.

Length of video: 01:41:00

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