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This resource examines the issues involved in loss and changes and can be used by teachers, youth workers, social workers, and other health care professionals. The authors have developed group leaders to work creatively and with sensitivity in a variety of contexts, particularly with young people from 13 years old and up and can also be used with adults.
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This is a collection of powerful and inspirational responses to loss and to the age-old impulse to honor and memorialize the uniqueness of each human being. For the bereaved, the ritual of delivering a eulogy can seem insurmountably difficult. Remembrances and Celebrations provides gentle guidance in this profoundly important task, with a wide range of examples of memorial tributes and expressions of bereavement drawn from both the famous and the obscure, from ancient times to the present. Learn more
Grief, Bereavement and Change
Remembrances and Celebrations
Helping Teens Work through Grief
Living Through Loss
Loss, Change and Grief
Pet Loss and Human Emotion
Teens who have experienced the death of a parent, grandparent, friend or relative often find it difficult to grieve openly. When adults whom teens trust are aware of the cycle of grief, they can provide a safe atmosphere to allow teens to experience the turmoil of the intense and conflicting emotions in order to move toward healing. This book is a valuable guide to help adults connect with grieving teens.
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This training manual is designed to enhance counseling skills, deepen self awareness about loss related issues, enable participants to share personal experiences, identify relevant resources that will support and inform participants.
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This work aims to explore experience of loss, change and grief, and foster positive attitudes towards teaching and learning about these issues. It outlines the different beliefs and practices associated with death and dying, and aims to help adults understand how children grieve. Suggestions are provided of ways in which adults might include teaching about loss and change within the school curriculum, and ways in which professionals educating and caring for children can collaborate in their work.
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This unique guide is written for all professional helping clients deal with the loss of a pet and serves as a practical introduction to the field of human-animal bonding. Citing several case studies, it describes various techniques for helping clients when the bond with a pet is broken. The authors present a step-by-step guide to leading clients through this special kind of grief and offer valuable practical guidelines.Learn more

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