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Cognitive-Behavioral Child Therapy (Child Therapy with the Experts Series)

by Bruce Masek, PhD

Watch Cognitive Behavioral child therapist Bruce Masek in an actual counseling session with a 6-year old girl and her mother.

Full Description:   

Cognitive behavioral therapy with children builds on behavioral therapy techniques while working to modify a child’s thoughts and feelings. In this video, Dr. Masek adapts his therapy model to a mother-child dyad, helping Mom learn strategies for managing her young daughter’s back talk and tantrums. See Dr. Masek conduct a focused behavioral assessment to identify the issues that have sparked the young girl’s negative acting out. Jon Carlson and Don Keat facilitate an in-depth discussion with Dr. Masek on the further impact, relevance and uses of the model for children and their families.

    From watching this video, you will:
  • Develop an understanding of some of the key adaptations of cognitive behavioral therapy with children and parents, including behavior modification, parent training and modifying maladaptive cognitions.
  • Gain insight into Dr. Masek’s therapy style and how he works with parents to effect change in a children’s behavior.
  • Learn how to apply Dr. Masek’s cognitive and behavioral techniques to your own therapeutic work with children and parents.

DVD 1 hrs. 48 min

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