Differential Diagnosis in Speech-Language Pathology
by Betty Philips Ed.D. & Dennis Ruscello PhD

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Differential Diagnosis in Speech-Language Pathology is a clinical reference to be used by clinicians when treating patients with speech and language disorders. It presents both diagnostic procedures and the implications of the findings for selection of treatment. Each chapter defines and discusses a communication disorder, such as aphasia or fluency disorders, and provides the clinician with information on how to determine the appropriate treatment. Case studies show readers how the authors have successfully implemented the diagnostic techniques and treatment options explained in the chapters.
"This is a well referenced text providing information about disorders in multicultural populations, language delay, language learning disabilities, developmental phonologic disorders, fluency disorders, voice pathology, velopharyngeal disorders, autism, aphasia, and swallowing disorders. Numerous case studies are cited... This should be a very useful reference for all practitioners who work with those who have speech-language problems. It is highly recommended for all academic and medical libraries."
E-Stream, Vol 1, No. 7, August 1998

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