Autism: Medical and Educational Aspects, 2nd Edition
by Theo Peeters and C. Gillberg

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Though autism is one of the best documented and validated childhood psychiatric syndromes, there remains an enormous chasm between theoretical understanding of autism and understanding of it in the practice of daily life. This book attempts to bridge that gap.

Put in the simplest terms, people with autism find it difficult to deal with symbols. Since the whole of human society depends on symbols - language being the prime example, people with autism consequently live in a world that they do not understand and in which they are unable to make themselves understood. It is not surprising, therefore, that they apparently withdraw from that world and occasionally express their frustration by banging their head against the wall or flying into a temper.

In common with visual or auditory impairments, the cause of autism is physical, biological and organic. Likewise, just as people with impaired sight or hearing need education and guidance specific to their needs, people with autism require discusses current educational and support matched to their particular difficulties. This is essential if they - and those with whom they live - are to lead something approaching a satisfying life.

This book, aimed at the medical community and the teaching profession, introduces the medical background to autism and discusses current educational approaches to helping those diagnosed as autistic. The book sets out to inspire as well as to inform those involved with the medical or educational management of people with autism.

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