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We provide Easy to Use, Time Saving and Effective Educational Products to assist in the development of Life Skills and Personal Development. Our timely and high quality resources help to assist the people involved in the therapeutic care of others.

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Positive Interaction Skills
A Group Therapy Manual

By Robin Dynes
Provides group facilitators with a flexible programme to enable participants to develop good personal interaction skills.
$ 99.95 US Quantity:  

Talkabout Relationships:
Building Self-Esteem & Relationship Skills

by Alex Kelly

The third title in the successful Talkabout series, Talkabout Relationships reflects current literature and research on developing relationships for people with learning disabilities, and aims, through groupwork, to improve self-esteem and relationship skills in people who are having difficulties in making or maintaining friends.
$ 99.95 US Quantity:  

Learn more about the other books in this series:

  • Talkabout: A Social Communication Skills Package
  • Talkabout Activities: Developing Social Communication Skills

  • The Talking, Feeling, & Doing Game

    This game was developed to enable therapists to learn more about their child patient's psychological processes. Children in treatment do not generally come forth with revelations about themselves, especially those that may cause psychological pain, anxiety, shame, or guilt. This game enables children to provide such information in a way that is nonthreatening. It enables the therapist to find out what is going on in the child's mind in the context of a friendly and often enjoyable game format. It utilizes the vehicle of standard board game play, a format with which most children are familiar.
    Game $ 79.95 US Quantity:

    New Deck of Cards to use with the game.

    Each deck of cards contain 99 cards and follows the format of the original board game, focusing on specific problem or concerns of children.

  • Talking, Feeling & Doing Teasing Card Game
    $ 29.95 US Quantity:
  • Talking, Feeling & Doing Good Behavior Card Game
    $ 29.95 US Quantity:
  • Talking, Feeling & Doing Anger Card Game
    $ 29.95 US Quantity:
  • Talking, Feeling & Doing Shyness Card Game
    $ 29.95 US Quantity:
  • Talking, Feeling & Doing Divorce Card Game
    $ 29.95 US Quantity:

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