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TalkAbout: A Social Communication Skill Package

by Alex Kelly

This manual is a practical, photocopiable resource to be used with children an adults. It provides professionals with a framework for the development of social skills.

Full Description:   

This resource is a practical, photocopiable manual to be used with children and adults. It provides professionals with a framework for the development of social skills; it has been used successfully with a variety of client groups. This comprehensive workbook begins with a quick assessment which identifies at which of the six following levels the client should ideally start:

  • Level 1: Improves the awareness of self and others, includes physical apprearance, likes, dislikes and problem solving
  • Level 2: Allows clients to asess their own communication skills
  • Level 3: Takes the client through eight levels of body language
  • Level 4: "Talkabout the way we talk" improves paralinguistic skills
  • Level 5: Takes the client through the processes needed to improve conversational and listening skills
  • Level 6: Awareness and use of assertiveness skills

Companion activity book:

  • Talkabout Activities
  • Talkabout Relationships

    Spiral bound reproducable



    • A -- Introduction
    • B -- The Talkabout Package
    • C -- Process of Group Therapy
    • D -- Development & Rationale behind Talkabout
    • E -- Further Reading
      LEVEL 1
    • Talkabout Me & You
      LEVEL 2
    • Talkabout Communication
      LEVEL 3
    • Talkabout Body Language
      LEVEL 4
    • Talkabout the Way We Talk
      LEVEL 5
    • Talkabout Conversations
      LEVEL 6
    • Talkabout Assertiveness
    • Group contract
    • Session notes
    • Evaluation worksheets

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