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Art Therapy

Art Therapy and Anger
Marian Liebmann

Art Therapy and Anger demonstrates how the non-verbal medium of art therapy provides an ideal outlet for the expression of thoughts and feelings that are too complex and painful to put into words, presenting a new and practical approach to dealing with this area of need.

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Art Therapy and Social Action
Frances Kaplan

Art Therapy and Social Action is an exciting exploration of how professionals can incorporate the techniques and approaches of art therapy in their work to address social problems.

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Creating Children's Art Games for Emotional Support
Vicky Barber

This book offers an abundance of fun games that help children to confront personal problems and issues in a light-hearted yet meaningful way.

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Creative Coping Skills for Children
Bonnie Thomas

This book is full of fun, easy, creative project ideas for parents of children aged 3–12, teachers, counselors, play therapists, social workers, and all professionals working with children.

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Creative Expression Activities for Teens
Bonnie Thomas

This imaginative and insightful book is a useful resource for all therapists, social workers, and counselors who wish to encourage self-expression in teenagers.

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Grief Unseen Healing Pregnancy Loss through the Arts
Laura Seftel

An established art therapist and mental health counselor, Laura Seftel shares her own experiences of miscarriage and recovery, and describes the use of art and ritual as a response to loss in traditional and modern cultures.

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Inner Journeying Through Art-Journaling
Marianne Hieb

The book guides the reader through the process of creative journaling and presents the key elements of the technique. Case studies and art journals of Marianne Hieb's own clients and retreat participants show the effectiveness of journaling as a therapeutic intervention and as a meditative tool.

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Sand, Water, Silence - The Embodiment of Spirit
Mary Jane Markell

Therapists often encounter people who have suffered severe emotional damage resulting in feelings of psychological fragmentation. Sandplay therapy, which combines the physical actions of play with observation and understanding through the use of symbolism, can be a useful method of treating this kind of damage.

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Spirituality and Art Therapy
Mimi Farrelly-Hansen

Reflecting the increasing recognition of the importance of the spiritual in healing, Spirituality and Art Therapy is an exciting exploration of the different ways in which the spiritual forms an essential, life-enhancing component of a well-rounded therapeutic approach.

Product Code:  80-952-3 Price:  $39.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

The Creation of Imaginary Worlds
Claire Golomb

This enlightening book will be of interest to students of child development, art therapists, play therapists, counselors and child psychologists, as well as parents, teachers and anyone else who wishes to gain a better understanding of childhood imagination.

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