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Raising Children without Losing Your Voice or Your Mind DVD

by Dr. Pat Friman

On this entertaining as well as informational DVD, Child Psychologist Dr. Patrick Friman gives parents 10 "laws" for raising happier, healthier, better-behaved children.

Full Description:   

For almost any job or task an adult is asked or hired to do, some kind of minimal training is required – any job, that is, except perhaps the most important one, that of being a parent. As a result, many parents aren’t prepared to deal with the tantrums, limit testing, and misbehaviors that are normal for all children as they grow up.

On this DVD, Child Psychologist Dr. Pat Friman reveals ten truths or “laws” that all parents should know, understand, and follow if they want to raise happier, better-behaved children with a lot less frustration and stress. They include:

  • When children are disciplined, they are the ones who should be upset – why getting angry or raising your voice when children misbehave rarely works.
  • The more parents talk, the less children learn – chat away during playtime, but using few words works best when you’re giving instructions you want kids to follow.
  • The devil lurks in unfilled time – keeping children busy can keep them out of a lot of trouble.

    Using stories and humor to explain the behavioral science behind his recommended parenting techniques, Dr. Friman gives a presentation that will entertain as well as educate parents and other caregivers seeking better ways of raising children, toddlers to teens.

    1 hr., 40 mins. DVD

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