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Response: Child Sexual Abuse: A Medical View Video VHS

by Astrid Heger

Response : child sexual abuse, the clinical interview., Child sexual abuse., Child sexual abuse, the clinical interview., Clinical interview., Please, no, not my child., Child sexual abuse, a medical view., Medical view.

Full Description:   

Accompanied by 2 booklets: Please, no, not my child ; and Response : child sexual abuse, a medical view (includes coloscopic photographs of normal and traumatized genitalia, and bibliography of prevention materials).

30 minute VHS video and 50 page Syllabus

Topics in Accompanying Syllabus
Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse
Working With Young Patients
The Medical History
The Medical Examination
General Examination
Genital Examination
Medical Tests
Examination Positions
Evaluative Considerations
Normal Anatomy
Hymenal Shapes
Acute Cases
Chronic Cases
Accidental Trauma
Reassurance And Follow-Up
The Medical Record And Legal System Appendices
A - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
B - Child / Adolescent Protocols
C - Collection and Preservation of Evidence Protocols
D - Traumagrams
E - General Bibliography; Bibliography of Prevention Materials
F - The Colposcope

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