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Coming Out: Voices of Gay and Lesbian Teens and their Families
From A Secret Place
by Karin Heller, MSW

This video provides an engrossing account of the coming out process of gay and lesbian youth, and illuminates the special difficulties these teens face at home and at school.

Full Description:   

Thought provoking and accessible, this video is invaluable for all parents, teachers, and professionals working with teenagers.

For gay and lesbian teens, coming out can be a complicated and difficult process. They may be isolated, alienated from their family and peers, and feel the dangerous threat of homophobia in their community. In this video, you will watch real interviews with gay and lesbian teenagers and their parents as they share their experiences of coming out. You will also hear expert commentary by Dr. Wendy Rosen on the special issues these teenagers face at home and at school, as well as the different stages and processes they and their families go through in order to fully embrace their sexuality. In a call for acceptance and community, this video helps pave the way.

    From watching this video, you will:
  • Learn about the different stages teens may go through in the coming out process including isolation, alienation, denial, and finally acceptance and finding community.
  • Become informed of the special needs of gay and lesbian youth including finding gay and lesbian role models, supportive peer groups, and acceptance from family.
  • Understand the pressures and difficulties, including implicit and explicit homophobia, that make coming out a challenging process for teenagers.
""Young lesbians, gays, and their families describe their own coming out' experiences clearly and poignantly."
-Joan Laird, Smith College School of Social Work



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