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Handbook of Depression: Second Edition

by Edited by Ian H. Gotlib and Constance L. Hammen

The Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the epidemiology, course, and outcome of depressive disorders; issues in assessment and diagnosis; psychological and biological risk factors; effective approaches to prevention and treatment; and the nature of depression in specific populations.

Full Description:   

Bringing together the field's leading authorities, this acclaimed work is widely regarded as the standard reference on depression and mood disorders. The Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the epidemiology, course, and outcome of depressive disorders; issues in assessment and diagnosis; psychological and biological risk factors; effective approaches to prevention and treatment; and the nature of depression in specific populations. Each chapter offers a definitive statement of current theories, methods, and research findings, while also identifying key questions that remain unanswered. Reflecting significant developments in the field, the second edition is thoroughly updated and includes a number of new chapters and topics.

New in This Edition

  • More substantial coverage of bipolar disorder throughout, including a new chapter on pharmacological and psychosocial treatments
  • Existing chapters have been revised with the latest research and clinical practices, and nine chapters are entirely new
  • New chapter on depression and health
  • New chapter on the impact of parental depression on children
"Gotlib and Hammen have assembled an outstanding group of experts on depressive disorders. This fully updated second edition offers comprehensive, authoritative coverage of diagnosis, epidemiology, genetics, neurobiology, affective neuroscience, treatment, and illness across the lifespan, among other topics. This volume will appeal to practicing psychologists and psychiatrists, depression researchers, graduate students, and residents. It is the reference for scientific and practical knowledge on depression."
-Richard C. Shelton, MD, James G. Blakemore Research Professor of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
"An impressive array of distinguished researchers has come together once more to update this comprehensive book on the perplexing human problem of depression. The volume presents detailed information on the human costs of depression as well as its multiple etiologies, recalcitrant nature, differing presentation across ages and cultures, and, of course, the psychosocial and pharmacological avenues for treating it. The second edition provides good depth of content on current neuroscience and genetics, without neglecting the importance of stress and the interpersonal and social context. Not only does this handbook capture the explosion of knowledge and increasing sophistication of research in the field, but it also focuses attention on what still needs to be done to understand and serve the unmet needs of people with depression in our communities."
-Kia J. Bentley, PhD, LCSW, Director, PhD Program in Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University

710 Pages, Size: 7" x 10", Oct 2008

Introduction to the Handbook of Depression, Ian H. Gotlib & Constance L. Hammen

I. Descriptive Aspects of Depression

1. The Epidemiology of Depression, Ronald C. Kessler & Philip S. Wang

2. Course and Outcome of Depression, Martin B. Keller & Robert J. Boland

3. Assessment of Depression among Mental Health and Medical Patient Populations, Arthur M. Nezu, Christine Maguth Nezu, Jill Friedman, & Minsun Lee

4. Methodological Issues in the Study of Depression, Rick E. Ingram & Greg J. Siegle

5. Personality and Mood Disorders, Daniel N. Klein, C. Emily Durbin, & Stewart A. Shankman

6. Depression and Medical Illness, Ken Freedland & Robert Carney

7. Bipolar and Unipolar Depression: A Comparison of Clinical Phenomenology, Biological Vulnerability, and Psychosocial Predictors, Sheri L. Johnson, Amy K. Cuellar, & Christopher Miller

II. Vulnerability, Risk, and Models of Depression

8. The Genetics of Major Depression, Douglas Levinson

9. Neurobiological Aspects of Depression, Michael E. Thase

10. The Representation and Regulation of Emotion in Depression: Perspectives from Affective Neuroscience, Richard J. Davidson, Diego Pizzagalli, & Jack B. Nitschke

11. Depression and Early Adverse Experiences, Sherryl H. Goodman & Sarah R. Brand

12. Children of Depressed Parents, Constance L. Hammen

13. Cognitive Aspects of Depression, Jutta Joormann

14. Depression in Its Interpersonal Context, Thomas E. Joiner, Jr. & Katherine A. Timmons

15. The Social Environment and Life Stress in Depression, Scott M. Monroe & George M. Slavich

III. Depression in Specific Populations

16. Understanding Depression Across Cultures, Jeanne L. Tsai & Y. E. Chentsova-Dutton

17. Gender Differences in Depression, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema & Lori M. Hilt

18. Depression in Children, Judy Garber, Katherine M. Gallerani, & Sarah A. Frankel

19. Adolescent Depression, Karen Rudolph

20. Depression in Couples and Families, Joanne Davila, Catherine B. Stroud, & Lisa R. Starr

21. Depression in Later Life: Epidemiology, Assessment, Impact, and Treatment, Dan Blazer & Celia F. Hybels

22. Depression and Suicide, Alan Berman

IV. Prevention and Treatment of Depression

23. Preventing First Onset and Recurrence of Major Depressive Episodes, Ricardo F. Muñoz, Huynh-Nhu Le, Gregory N. Clarke, Alinne Z. Barrera, & Leandro D. Torres

24. Pharmacotherapy and Other Somatic Treatments for Depression, Michael J. Gitlin

25. Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment of Depression, Steven D. Hollon & Sona Dimidjian

26 Pharmacotherapy and Psychosocial Treatments for Bipolar Disorder, David Miklowitz

27. Marital, Family, and Interpersonal Therapies for Depression in Adults, Steven R. H. Beach, Deborah J. Jones, & Kameron Franklin

28. Biological and Psychosocial Interventions for Depression in Children and Adolescents, Nadine J. Kaslow, Shane P. Davis, & Chaundrissa Oyeshiku Smith

29. Closing Comments and Future Directions, Constance L. Hammen & Ian H. Gotlib

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