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New Look at ADHD DVD Video
Inhibition, Time, and Self-Control
by by Russell A. Barkley

This video provides an accessible introduction to Russell A. Barkley's influential theory of the nature and causes of ADHD.

Full Description:   

This video provides an accessible introduction to Russell A. Barkley's influential theory of the nature and causes of ADHD. The program brings to life the conceptual framework delineated in Dr. Barkley's book ADHD and the Nature of Self-Control. Dr. Barkley shares his breakthrough thinking about the roots of many of the most troubling--and perplexing--ADHD symptoms in children and adults. Also shown are concrete ways that our new understanding of the disorder might facilitate more effective clinical interventions. This lucid, state-of-the-art program is ideal viewing for clinicians, students and inservice trainees, parents of children with ADHD, and adults with the disorder.

As many as three million American children and more than twice as many adults have ADHD today. The video shows that the traditional understanding of ADHD as a disorder of attention fails to explain many of the problems these individuals encounter in school functioning, peer and family relationships, occupational success, and daily living. Demonstrating the need for a new theory of ADHD, Dr. Barkley proposes that it is fundamentally a disorder of self-regulation, not attention.

    Viewers see how the new theory better accounts for such symptoms as:
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Problems with managing time effectively
  • Emotional volatility
  • Lack of foresight
  • Impaired problem-solving abilities

Enhanced by specially designed graphics, the video examines how self-regulation develops in normally functioning individuals. Dr. Barkley elucidates the mental processes that underlie willpower, determination, and motivation, and describes how these processes may be disrupted by ADHD. Also discussed is the relationship between ADHD and impairments in one's sense of time, shedding light on why, for example, these individuals may have trouble understanding the future consequences of present behavior.

Of crucial importance, the video explores how greater insight into the nature of ADHD might improve client and family education and symptom management. Everyday implications of the theory are discussed, and viewers learn tangible ways that children and adults with ADHD may be helped to succeed in tasks and settings that are difficult for them.

Manual & Leader's Guide
Reviewing and amplifying key ideas discussed in the video, the companion manual serves as a handy guide to Dr. Barkley's theory of ADHD. It contains illustrative figures as well as helpful suggestions for further reading. Also included is a leader's guide providing tips on the optimal use of the video in a range of settings and with a variety of audiences.

1 Color DVD(approx. 30 minutes)+ 40-page Manual

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