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Essentials of Play Therapy DVD
with Abused Children
by Eliana Gil

This video illuminates the unique benefits of play therapy for children who have been physically or sexually abused.

Full Description:   

This informative video program from renowned practitioner and author Eliana Gil illuminates the unique benefits of play therapy for children who have been physically or sexually abused. Sharing her warmth and clinical insight, Dr. Gil brings viewers into the therapeutic playroom, describes how play activities fit into the reparative process, and provides helpful pointers for practice. With the help of child volunteers (not actual patients), the video demonstrates specific art and play activities that can help children:

  • Express feelings they are unable or unwilling to verbalize
  • Work through painful experiences with familiar and comfortable materials
  • Gain a sense of safety and mastery
  • Resume developmental processes interrupted by abuse

    Hands-On Demonstration of Art Materials and Toys
    Viewers learn about the basic materials Dr. Gil employs in her work with abused children, from art supplies, to the sandtray, puppets, dollhouse, masks, and more. She explains how each is used and explores its rationale, helping viewers develop their own repertoire of toys and techniques. Illustrated throughout by children's evocative paintings and drawings, the program explores:

  • The benefits of different activities for articulating children's inner experience
  • Themes to look for in the play and artwork of abused children
  • Individual differences in responses to abuse
  • Balancing directive and nondirective approaches

    Helping Children Feel Safe in the Therapy Setting
    Sensitive to children's anxiety and fear, Dr. Gil shows how therapy itself can feel threatening to already vulnerable youngsters. She discusses how to allay children's fears about the unfamiliar environment, make them feel comfortable with materials and techniques, and establish a good working rapport.

    The Manual
    A handy companion manual amplifies themes presented in the video and provides resource lists and references for students and practitioners.

    51-Minute Color DVD

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