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Living Without Depression & Manic Depression Workbook

by Mary Ellen Copeland, M.S., M.A.

Building on her acclaimed previous title, The Depression Workbook, Mary Ellen Copeland has developed a prescription for enduring mood stability. This new book outlines a program that will help people achieve real breakthroughs in coping and healing.

Full Description:   

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression outlines a program that helps people achieve real breakthroughs in coping and healing. This exhaustive handbook covers the following issues:

  • Self-advocacy
  • Building a network of support
  • Developing a wellness lifestyle
  • Achieving calmness with energy
  • Symptom prevention strategies
  • Building self-esteem
  • Developing a personalized plan for mood stability
  • Building a career that works
  • Trauma resolution
  • Dealing with sleep problems
  • Diet
  • Vitamin and herbal therapies
  • Dealing with stigma
  • Managing medication side effects
  • Psychotherapy and counseling alternatives
  • Learning to have fun, laughter and pleasure

288 pages; 8 1/2 X 11;soft bound

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