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Healing War Trauma
A Handbook of Creative Approaches
by Raymond Monsour Scurfield, Katherine Theresa Platoni

Healing War Trauma will inspire and inform both clinicians and veterans as they chart new paths to healing.

Full Description:   

Healing War Trauma details a broad range of exciting approaches for healing from the trauma of war. The techniques described in each chapter are designed to complement and supplement cognitive-behavioral treatment protocols—and, ultimately, to help clinicians transcend the limits of those protocols.

For those veterans who do not respond productively to—or who have simply little interest in—office-based, regimented, and symptom-focused treatments, the innovative approaches laid out in Healing War Trauma will inspire and inform both clinicians and veterans as they chart new paths to healing.

Part I: Surviving Both War and the Battles Back Home. Rabb, Introduction. Scurfield, Platoni, Rabb. Survival Modes, Coping, and Bringing the War Home: From Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. Zacchea, Veterans’ Advocacy: Social Justice and Healing Through Activism. Part II: Culture-Specific and Community-Based Approaches. Wilson, Culture-Specific Pathways to Healing and Transformation for War Veterans Suffering PTSD. Valdes, The Journey Home From War: The Quilt and Pillow Pal Ceremony. Csandl, Veterans’ Sanctuary: The Journey to Open a Therapeutic Community. Part III: Expressive-Experiential Approaches. Wise, Nash. Metaphor as Heroic Mediator: Imagination, Creative Arts Therapy, and Group Process as Agents of Healing With Veterans. Capps, Writing by Service Members and Veterans: A Medium to Promote Healing in Self and Others. Daniels, War-Related Traumatic Nightmares as a Call to Action. Part IV: Mind-Body Approaches. Mizuki, Mindful-Awareness Practice to Foster Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing with Service Members and Veterans. Platoni, Hypnotherapy in the Wartime Theater and Afterwards: OIF, OEF and Beyond. Kirsch, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) with Alpha-Stim Mild Electrical Triage of the Brain with War Veterans. Part V: Animal-assisted/Outdoor Approaches. Cortani, Service Dogs and Other Canine Assistance Services for Wounded Warriors. Buckley, Raulerson, Back in the Saddle and SCUBA Warriors: Innovative Therapies to Healing. Part VI: Technological/Web-based Approaches. Casura, Healing Combat Trauma: The Website, the Vision, the Impact. Rizzo, SIMCOACH: An Online Intelligent Virtual Human Agent System for Breaking Down Barriers to Care for Service Members and Veterans. Part VII: Other Creative Approaches. Scurfield, Platoni, Resolving Combat-related Guilt and Responsibility Issues. Williams, Slogging the Bog of War to Return to the World of Work. Lanham, Pelletier, Spirituality in Facilitating Healing From War Trauma. Scurfield, Platoni, Afterword.

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