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Doing CBT A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Behaviors, Thoughts, and Emotions

by David F. Tolin

Full Description:   

This accessible text and practitioner resource provides a complete introduction to the art and science of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In a witty, straight-talking style, David F. Tolin explains core concepts and presents effective techniques for addressing the behavioral, cognitive, and emotional elements of psychological problems. Vivid examples of several clients are followed throughout the book, which concludes with three chapter-length case illustrations. Readers gain essential skills for conceptualizing a case, planning treatment, and conducting therapy, from intake to termination. Reproducible forms and worksheets are included; purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print all 39 reproducible tools in a convenient 8½" x 11" size.

    Pedagogical Features:
  • Numerous engaging sidebars: Try This, The Science Behind It, Adapting the Process, and more.
  • End-of-chapter Personal Target Worksheets that enable self-practice of core CBT skills.
  • Quick-reference definitions of key terms.

    594 Pages Size: 7" x 10"

    • 1. Laying Out the Basics
    • I. Why Do People Suffer?
    • 2. Oh, Behave!: The Behavioral System and How It Can Go Wrong
    • 3. Stinkin' Thinkin': The Cognitive System and How It Can Go Wrong
    • 4. I Got a Bad Feeling about This: The Emotional System and How It Can Go Wrong
    • 5. Creating Meaty Conceptualizations
    • II. How Do We Help?
    • A. How We Engage the Client
    • 6. Therapy Assessment and Case Formulation
    • 7. CBT Finesse
    • B. Behavior-Level Interventions
    • 8. Adjusting the Triggers: Situation Selection and Stimulus Control
    • 9. Contingency Management in Therapy
    • 10. Direct Behavioral Prescriptions and Graded Task Assignment
    • 11. Exposure
    • 12. Behavioral Skill Training
    • C. Cognitive-Level Interventions
    • 13. What's the Client Thinking?
    • 14. Restructuring Thoughts
    • 15. Leave Them Thoughts Alone
    • 16. Going Deeper with Core Beliefs
    • 17. Addressing Information-Processing Biases
    • D. Emotion-Level Interventions
    • 18. Modulating Emotion
    • 19. Distress Tolerance
    • III. Putting It All Together
    • 20. William's CBT
    • 21. Anna's CBT
    • 22. Elizabeth's CBT
    • Appendix A. Further Reading
    • Appendix B. Tools for the Clinician
    • References

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